Most Recent Speaker Summary - Videos of Past Speakers
How to Request a Video of a Past Speaker

Saturday - January 01st, 2000
Speakers: Videos of Past Speakers

1. Go to On the home page, in the right-hand column under HSGP Programs, Speakers, select Past Speakers.
2. A complete list of all past speakers will be displayed.
You can scroll through the list and find a speaker you would like to revisit.
3. Hints for can using the selection criteria at the top of the page to narrow down your search.
* You can enter a name or other search information in the 'search' box. If you only know part of the name, enter what you can.
* If you don't know the year, you can press the arrows box next to 'year' and scroll down to select 'all'.
* Be sure to click the 'submit query' button to see the results of your search. You can search multiple times but be sure to submit the query every time you change the search criteria.
4. Once you have found the speaker, note the complete name, the date and the description.
5. Send an email to the following address:
Include your full name as well as the information from step 4 about the speaker video you are requesting. This email will be processed by Bruce Pettycrew.
6. Bruce will need to verify that you are a current member and that the presentation is available. You receive a return email asking you to agree to terms of use and giving details on how to access the video.